What is a DPF or GPF

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It’s a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars.

GPF stands for Gasoline Particulate Filter. Around 2018-2019 this filer, based on the Diesel Particulate filter, was introduced on the gasoline engines with the same function.

Both filters stores exhaust soot. Once they are “full” a regeneration will start burning off the filter to empty it.

What is DPF/GPF delete?

With advancing technology, engines now require elaborate procedures to add or remove anything from them. Similarly, a DPF/GPF removal kit is used to remove the filter. These kits are used to get rid of the DPF that has accumulated and become clogged with diesel soot and debris. 

In addition, the software needs to be adjusted. If you don’t, the ECU will notice a missing part and the car will go in limp mode.

What Are the Benefits of DPF/GPF Cancellation?

Many people wonder why they should remove the DPF/GPF from their engine and if this has any positive effect

DPF’s/GPF’s become blocked and damaged over time and end up not working as they should. Most of the time this will cause a vehicle to go in to limp mode, and make your vehicle not driveable until the DPF/GPF system has been fixed or replaced. The cos of repairing or replacing a DPF/GPF system ranges well over 1500€.

With our solution, your car’s ECU is reprogrammed to switch off any DPF related structures in the vehicle’s software. This will prevent the vehicle from sensing the damaged or missing filter and will prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights.

This solution is a small fraction of the cost for repairing or replacing the filter, and the software is guaranteed for a lifetime that the DPF/GPF system won’t cause any problems and more after it has been removed.

Your vehicle will be 100% back to normal with our custom DVX-OLS delete.

Overall benefits:

  • Lower consumption

  • Improved powerband and drivability

  • Increased engine response

  • No limp mode or engine warning lights

  • Reduced turbolag

Does DPF/GPF Cancellation Affects Performance?

As mentioned earlier, removing the filter definitely increases the horsepower and as a result affects the torque and mileage of the engine. Therefore, the deletion of the DPF has a positive effect on the performance of the engine. You will also notice increased acceleration response and efficiency after removing the DPF/GPF. This is because your engine becomes more responsive after removal as it gets more power and better fuel flow to run. Therefore, the overall performance of your vehicle will be enhanced by a DPF/GPF canscellation.

Can I Delete My DPF/GPF Without a Tuner?

We strongly recommend that you do not remove the filter without the tuner. A DPF/GPF is found in most new cars equipped with a range of sensors. These sensors will inform directly the ECU when a part is ‘missing’. Damaging the sensors can cost a lot of money, so please go to an experienced person to delete this part. After the DPF has been deleted, the software should be adjusted directly. Don’t drive the car when the software hasn’t been made for the cancellation of the filter.

If you don’t, this affects the functionality of your engine and could cost you much more in the future.