Chip Tuning

What is Chip Tuning?

With chip tuning , changes are made in the parameters of the engine control to get extra performance from the engine. In particular, maps such as boost map, ignition map or fuel map are optimized. It is very important here to leave the safety functions of the motor control on. This component protection is fully functional. Serious engine damage can occur when component protection is disabled. A chip is a simple electronic storage device located on a circuit board inside the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The chip contains values ​​in binary form that the main processor of the ECU (another device on the same circuit board) can understand and use to control the engine.

Each value inside the chip is kept in its own separate location (known as "address"), and when a car is chipped, basically what we do is change values ​​in groups of addresses that control fueling, ignition timing, boost etc. These are known as maps or the frequently used remap expression.

What are the Advantages of Chip Tuning Software?

Chip tuning typically adjusts the fuel-air mixture by increasing the turbocharger pressure. In some cases, you may see a 25-35% performance gain. Most diesel and petrol cars can be mapped easily and safely. In other words, the goal is to upgrade your vehicle's software for better performance, more power, less bad emissions or better fuel efficiency. Other advantages of chip tuning software are;

  • In the simplest cases, this procedure takes less than an hour. This requires a regular laptop
  • Thanks to chip tuning, your vehicle's engine will perform better with minimal effort or mechanical changes.
  • Chip tuning allows you to increase the power and efficiency of the engine.

Experience increased power and torque

Remaps have the ability to remove the limitations set by the manufacturer for your vehicle. By remapping, you can effectively refine your vehicle parameters depending on where you live, altitude, and the quality of fuel you have. The combined fine-tuning of all these aspects will result in increased power and torque output.

Increase fuel efficiency

ECU remapping can help you increase mpg and save your money. Also, these purpose-built remaps offer more precise fuel control, resulting in a vehicle with much better fuel economy.

Improve throttle response

ECU remappings can help significantly improve engine response and throttle response.

ECU setting can be customized

The great thing about remaps is that they are fully customizable to your needs. You can even have multiple sets of remaps (Multimap/mapswitch) so you can switch between them depending on your riding needs. This is extremely useful if you want to use your vehicle in a variety of terrains and driving conditions.

Other Things to Know About the Chip

The ECU in your vehicle is usually located in the engine compartment. It is accessed through a port called the diagnostic port. Customizing the software is best done by professionals. Accidentally changing some settings on the chip or messing with it without knowing exactly what you are doing can cause interference with the systems it works with to cause your vehicle to lose its performance quality or even break down completely.

Software for for professionals

Chiptuning file service

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